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Beaverlodge Weather
September 21st
Observed at: Beaverlodge 12:00 PM MDT Saturday 21 September 2019 Temperature: 18.6°C Pressure / Tendency: 100.8 kPa fallingHumidity: 43 %Dewpoint: 6.0°C Wind: WSW 41 km/h gust 55 km/hAir Quality Health Index: N/A
September 21st
Mainly cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers in the afternoon. Wind becoming west 20 km/h near noon. High 17. UV index 3 or moderate. Forecast issued 11:00 AM MDT Saturday 21 September 2019
September 21st
Increasing cloudiness. Windy. High 13. Forecast issued 11:00 AM MDT Saturday 21 September 2019
Quirks and Quarks
September 20th
Why women still aren't equally represented in science, both as researchers, and in science done about women
September 13th
Finding a lost jet engine on Greenland, mystery of the wandering whales and barren tablelands
September 6th
Venomous snakes, gigantic grizzly bears, rare plant poachers and vomiting birds are among the challenges faced by scientists doing field work this summer
Earthquakes Canada
September 19th
2019-09-07T13:00:42Z: M2.5 Maine, U.S.
September 19th
2019-09-10T09:47:39Z: M2.7 New Hampshire, U.S.
September 19th
2019-09-08T02:38:09Z: M3.5 Offshore Nova Scotia.