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Beaverlodge Weather
September 29th
Persons in or near this area should be on the lookout for adverse weather conditions and take necessary safety precautions. Issued: 4:16 PM MDT Tuesday 29 September 2020
September 29th
Cloudy periods. Low 6. Forecast issued 4:00 PM MDT Tuesday 29 September 2020
September 29th
Observed at: Beaverlodge 4:00 PM MDT Tuesday 29 September 2020 Temperature: 15.7°C Pressure / Tendency: 102.4 kPa risingHumidity: 24 %Dewpoint: -4.8°C Wind: NW 14 km/hAir Quality Health Index: N/A
Quirks and Quarks
September 25th
Tickling rats for science and five ways the universe might die
September 18th
Viking DNA and the scientific and moral complexity of COVID vaccines
September 11th
Recognizing Black birders and cougar kills
August 28th
A robot made from living cells, AI on music and a robot stand up comedian.
August 21st
Ancient paint from lake goo, evolving animal worms to fish fingers, fossilized parenting, most dangerous place on Earth and archeology from space
August 7th
The fight to be the first female astronaut, growing lettuce in space, deflecting asteroids, Canadian astronaut Jenni Sidey-Gibbons and more
Earthquakes Canada
September 28th
2020-09-29T14:55:50Z: M2.5 115 km N of Campbell River, BC
September 28th
2020-09-28T21:41:54Z: M1.9 118 km NE of Old Crow, YT
September 28th
2020-09-27T10:30:53Z: M4.4 Western Greenland.
September 28th
2020-09-28T04:29:09Z: M1.0 CHARLEVOIX SEISMIC ZONE, QC.
September 28th
2020-09-29T02:33:14Z: M3.3 107 km E of Tungsten, NT
September 28th
2020-09-29T05:45:18Z: M3.2 65 km NE of Juneau, Alaska, USA