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Valhalla School Council Presents: 
Movie Night June 7, 2019
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and also on June 7th
Paint Night
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We require a full time Elementary/Junior
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Beaverlodge Weather
May 25th
Observed at: Beaverlodge 07:00 AM MDT Saturday 25 May 2019 Temperature: 5.3°C Pressure / Tendency: 101.5 kPa risingHumidity: 93 %Dewpoint: 4.2°C Wind: WNW 5 km/hAir Quality Health Index: N/A
May 25th
Sunny. Local smoke. High 24. UV index 7 or high. Forecast issued 05:00 AM MDT Saturday 25 May 2019
May 25th
Sunny. High 25. Forecast issued 05:00 AM MDT Saturday 25 May 2019
Quirks and Quarks
May 24th
Giant beaver extinction, the beauty of calculus and oil spill dispersants
May 17th
Smartphones detect ear infections, moonquakes, and why geese honk while migrating
May 10th
Does a dull sweet tooth make us fat, whale barnacles, and STEVE’s shining secret
May 3rd
Air conditioner carbon capture, coral reef halos and size and quantum mechanics.
Earthquakes Canada
May 23rd
2019-05-21T13:30:27Z: M2.1 29 km SE of Fort St. John, BC
May 23rd
2019-05-21T17:12:45Z: M1.4 80 km S of Village of Queen Charlotte, BC
May 23rd
2019-05-23T08:34:12Z: M1.3 61 km S of Village of Queen Charlotte, BC
May 23rd
2019-05-23T10:59:48Z: M1.6 93 km NW of Fort McPherson, NT