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Beaverlodge Weather
August 9th
Observed at: Beaverlodge 11:00 PM MDT Saturday 08 August 2020 Temperature: 12.3°C Pressure / Tendency: 101.5 kPa risingHumidity: 55 %Dewpoint: 3.5°C Wind: WSW 19 km/h gust 27 km/hAir Quality Health Index: N/A
August 8th
Mainly sunny. Wind west 30 km/h gusting to 50. High 21. UV index 6 or high. Forecast issued 4:00 PM MDT Saturday 08 August 2020
August 8th
Sunny. High 20. Forecast issued 4:00 PM MDT Saturday 08 August 2020
Quirks and Quarks
August 7th
The fight to be the first female astronaut, growing lettuce in space, deflecting asteroids, Canadian astronaut Jenni Sidey-Gibbons and more
July 31st
Blue whale heartbeat, turbocharged jellyfish, Pablo Escobar's hippos, ravenous lionfish, a triumphant 'under-wolf' and more
July 10th
Laundry and microplastics, brewing espresso, driver memory fail, judging cat pain, learning from your fear and more
July 3rd
Sounds of the Arctic Ocean, whale exfoliation, drying northern peatlands, farming in Nunavut, SmartICE supports northern life and more
June 26th
We answer your questions, like: do wildfires near Chernobyl release radiation? Do birds fly south for the summer in the southern hemisphere? How much does an airplane grows and shrink as it flies?
June 19th
A megadrought in the southwest and science fights Lyme disease invading Quebec.
Earthquakes Canada
August 6th
2020-08-06T22:47:08Z: M2.1 Blast, 85 km NW from Baie-Johan-Beetz, QC
August 6th
2020-08-07T13:50:52Z: M1.8 CHARLEVOIX SEISMIC ZONE, QC.
August 6th
2020-08-06T10:54:08Z: M0.8 CHARLEVOIX SEISMIC ZONE, QC.
August 6th
2020-08-01T05:28:53Z: M2.0 120 km W from Yarmouth, NS
August 6th
2020-08-06T20:09:33Z: M1.3 58 km E of Victoria, BC
August 5th
2020-08-04T08:52:30Z: M2.9 134 km S of Fort McPherson, NT