Policy Manual

Table of Contents

A. Foundations and Basic Commitments

A-101 Vision and Purpose
A-102 Guiding Philosophies and Principles
A-303 Communication of Charter School Outcomes
A-401 Student Selection Criteria

B. Charter Board Governance and Operations

B-101 Roles and Responsibilities of the Charter Board
B-102 Roles of the Charter Board Chair/Co-Chairs
B-103 Duties of the Treasurer
B-104 Duties of the Secretary
B-201 Charter Board Member Code of Conduct
B-202 Conflict of Interest
B-301 Appeals to the Charter Board
B-401 Presentations to the Charter Board
B-501 Grievance Committee
B-600 Committees of the Board
B-601 Executive Committee of the Board
B-602 Governance and Human Resources Committees of the Board
B-603 Program and Strategic Planning Committees of the Board
B-605 Finance and Fund Development Committees of the Board

C. General School Administration
C-101 School Based Decision Making
C-201 Access to Information
C-301 General School Administration Safety Program

D. Business Administration
D-101 Financial Management
D-600 Expense Reimbursement
D-701 Protection of Valuables
D-702 Records & Information Management
D-801 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
D-901 School Fees

E. Support Services
E-102 Bus and School Operations during Inclement Weather
E-201 Critical Response Plans

F. Facilities

F-201 Community Use of School Facilities

G. Human Resources

G-101 Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation
G-201 Support Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation
G-202 Personnel Policy- Non-Teaching School Based Staff
G-203 Personnel Policy- Bus Drivers
G-301 Personnel Policy- School Superintendent
G-401 Personnel Policy- Secretary-Treasurer
G-501 Personnel Policy- Director of Transportation
G-901 Personnel Policy- Personnel Records

H. Curriculum and Instruction

H-101 Locally Developed Courses
H-102 Second Language Instruction
H-103 Off-Campus Education
H-104 English as a Second Language (ESL)
H-201 School Year and Calendar
H-202 School Day
H-401 Kindergarten

I. Students

I-101 Welcoming, Caring, Respectful, Safe and Healthy Learning and Working Environments
I-201 Student Evaluation
I-301 Field Trips
I-401 Student Records
I-801 Administration of Medical Treatment/Medication to Students